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Things not working as well as you know they should?


Slowing growth

The revenue or profit growth is just not what it used to be - nor what it needs to be.



Your team is struggling to find efficient processes to get their best work done the best way.



There seem to be barriers holding you back, but it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problems are. Choosing among a variety of "good" initiatives seems disjointed and unfocused.


People problems

Hiring, training, and retention of high-quality people is a challenge. Staff hasn't fully embraced your initiatives and goals. Employees aren't aligned with leadership and/or each other.

It's time for a change.

New eyes, fresh knowledge, and a healthy dose of accountability can reveal hidden barriers and loosen up the sticking points.

And all with a non-judgmental, experienced coach by your side.

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Get the coaching and consulting that's the best fit for your needs. Statio is positioned to create a pathway of learning and accountability custom-built for your unique situation. 

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Action oriented

Not "theory" and not simply "business therapy", this is coaching that is doable, tangible and applicable to your daily experience of improving company performance. It's a flexible curriculum with real learning and application.

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The principles in this coaching framework have taken well-known businesses from start-up to double-digit growth. These are simple, proven concepts and tools that work consistently for every leader in any industry. 

It's easy to get the guidance you want.


Chat with Craig

Tell me what's going on. Tell me what you'd like to see happen. I'll suggest options to get the guidance you need.


Dig in

Join a monthly gathering of fellow business leaders, take your team through one or a series of workshops, or receive team or one-on-one coaching. You'll receive training, accountability, resources, advice, and encouragement to overcome what's "stuck" and move forward with confidence. And you'll have fun doing it!


Lead your business to new successes

With these proven resources and training in your tool belt, and a personal guide by your side, you'll have renewed skills, confidence, and enthusiasm to lead your team to the growth and vibrance you envision.

Real Experience, Real Results

“Craig is an asset to any company/team that values success. I admire his honesty, integrity, and corporate knowledge. From the first conversation, it is immediately obvious that he has a deep understanding and passion for what he does.

He not only brings clarity in identifying the main challenges but also equips you with strength and serenity to handle any situation. His coaching is never rushed, he listens attentively to the whole story and really provides insight and emotional intelligence even when handling the most complex of issues on a multitude of scales.

As a coach, Craig does not just give you the answers, he challenges and propels you to improve intrinsically to become your best self moving forward. I feel very fortunate to have gained a friend and a coach in Craig.”
– Catherine Long


What is your "why"? What is your greater purpose for your team to rally around? This becomes your North Star to guide your decision making.

Living your mission keeps you and your team on track, provides guardrails against distractions and serves as a measure of success as you grow.


Does everyone on your team know what leadership expects? And vice versa? What kind of leader does your team need to stay on course, engaged, and productive?

The leaders drive the train. Are all of your people on board?


What's the plan to make your mission a reality? What initiatives will move your team toward the destination? Will your plan survive future disruptions?

The strategy will guide you on your path to success.


How do you communicate what you do and how you make your customers' lives better? Are your words, both written and spoken, all about your brand or all about your customer?

Your message is the reason people initially become customers.


Is your team fully bought in to your mission, strategy, and initiatives? Do they know how to navigate disagreements? Communication is the key to a culture of innovation, teamwork, positivity, and productivity.

Internal communication is the reason your employees get on board the train and stoke the fire to push forward.


Is your sales team making their numbers? How is the handoff between marketing and sales working? Does your sales team have a consistent message and motivation to hustle and bring in new business?

Your sales team is your face to face ambassador to both attain and retain customers. 


Most people hate negotiating and have no idea how to learn negotiation skills without wrecking a deal. But negotiation can be a positive experience that leaves both parties feeling strong, positive, and pleased with the outcome. In fact, the secret sauce to negotiation is many of the same communication skills we use for internal communication and marketing communication. 

Negotiation is the art and science of coming to agreement on the best possible outcome for both of you together. 


Is your marketing strategic, focused, and measurable? Do you have a detailed picture of your ideal customer and what their buying triggers are? Is your marketing investment providing consistent, high quality leads to your sales team? 

Marketing is the face and voice of your brand in the marketplace.


Productivity is not just a function of process and time management, and it's not just about what you do at the office. Productivity is really about the larger question of "Where am I going in life and how am I going to get there?" Personal vision casting, planning, and forming habits around those plans leads to greater productivity in all areas of life - especially at work.

Productivity is prioritizing and accomplishing the most important items. 

I get it.

I've been in your shoes.

I've owned my own businesses. I've helped run other people's businesses too.

Leading a business or team is challenging. Sometimes you feel like you never stop thinking and worrying. There is always something to do or improve. You just can't turn it off.

That's why I bring 25 years business experience to guide business leaders out of uncertainty and into clarity and purpose.

Your success is my purpose.

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Practical, actionable business coaching for individuals and teams.

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